Well I’m paralyzed, mentally. But fcuk I don’t take it as my fault(I know it is mine).

I read somewhere on medium itself.

The common forms of overthinking are about past and the future. Obviously out of present. And also overthinking causes distress.

I have read many articles about mental illnesses I’ve and also about overthinking but nothing happens doesn’t matter what I do, I’m done with all of the stuff, nothing works(atleast on me). I can’t do anything.

But wait, I’m not saying overthinking is bad(it sucks) but what I want to convey is try(Try) to make it one if your power(like me).

Once upon a long time ago(ugh), when I was also a child I was fricked up cause I was thinking bout anything (overthinking), doubting myself day and night for no reason.

Btw, I’m not from a family and surrounding when you expect and get support (mental).

So, what I did, I suffered in my childhood(ruined). But now I have changed the route(not root) of my thoughts, now I don’t think about myself.

Siht, now I think about others, what will humans think about me(I’m trying to kill those thoughts)(just don’t have to give a f*).

But, but, but(big butt), now I’m sMaRt enough to put my thoughts in life, ideas and solving problems in ma life(trying). And it’s actually good thing to do. Don’t waste energy on wrong things and thoughts, think about it(overthink).

Listen, let me be honest I overthink on overthinking bro! There’s no way of stoping mind just start thinking something good, useful and give your thoughts a ride of different world.

But still, overthinking sucks and fcuks me specially my(my own) PARANOIA.

Things are going, going somehow, tryna survive this human world full of some-things(many-many things).



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